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EDIT: Sorry for my absence lately. More on tumblr actually. ;) I think this is just a phase... We'll see... Cannot stop blogging all about "Merlin". :la: :boogie: :love: I'm still not over this series yet... :no: Let's keep the Merlin-candle burning!!! :woohoo: :heart:


How can I possibly describe what I feel about what happened to us? To US, who never dare to hope to see so much epicness on one spot, in only three little days. But we have. And we'll never ever forget... :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
:iconarthurbbclaplz: :iconmerlinbbclaplz:

I'm an ocean of tears right now. The thought, that this should be indeed the last season of the series "Merlin", this humorous, beautiful, touching interpretation of the Arthurian Legend, really pierces me. But it seems that this gets more and more obvious for all of us.

So the last week me and my dear friend Rogi37 were there again, in Pierrefonds in France, where they were filming the 5th season of "Merlin". We stayed there for the 2nd time this year, but last time we missed the cast and crew by two little days and now... the full epicness unfolded before us. :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:
Can't find the words to say what that means to me, as a long year-lover of the Arthurian Legend. And now seeing those sweet, nice and very sexy cast-members giving all these legendary names like Arthur, Guinevere, Percival, Gwaine and most and above all Merlin, these stunning, beautiful faces we all know and love... One of the best moments in my entire life. Hopelessly exaggerated, but for me it is the truth, I can tell, because it's only one, but the PERFECT, embodiment of all these epic characters I loved half of my life...

They were all such cuties, really! So nice! Colin smiles WHENEVER we've seen him. :heart: Katie/Morgana was SHINING -and so did Angel/Guinevere :aww:, the knights were laughing most of the time :giggle:, and especially our beloved once and future king Bradley James was in an excellent mood these days - we were all stunnend by his smiles and smirks... :squee: :iconarthurbbclaplz: Wtf? :faint: :nuu: :faint: :nuu: :faint: :nuu: :faint: :nuu: :faint:
They passed us by once and once again, very close, so close that you could've touched them. We made many photos and films, but it's weird to look at them now and to understand, that this had REALLY happened to US. We lived the legend! Our dreams and hopes turned into REALITY! How that? I still don't get it... It was overwhelming... :nuu:

We saw ALL of them filming. Except Katie McGrath/Morgana. But to my surprise we nonetheless had the chance to watch her go by one bright and early morning - along with Alexander Vlahos/ (Spoiler ahead!!!! Mordred!), Sir Richard Wilson/Gaius and Rupert Young/Sir Leon, followed by a sweet and bright smiling Colin Morgan/Merlin and last but not least by Bradley James/Arthur, who smirked all around and threw out TWO breathtaking "G'mornings"!!! :love: Really, we were all shocked... Although... I managed to answer. Yes... I did.  Me... WHATEVER??? :faint:

I addressed Sir Gwaine/Eoin Macken with an enthusiastic "BONJOUR", as he passed by, and he REALLY RETURNED THAT TO ME! My heart...

On the last, full day we were on set, there was a really... breathtaking, important moment for me in the courtyard, because I suddenly had to face Mr James alone (without Rogi or my other friends!!! Gosh... :nuu:), together with other, strange fans I didn't know, as he walked by, very relaxed and laughing, alongside his mother (There were rumours in the air, that she was his mother. And yes, now we are sure.^^) and Tom Hopper/Sir Percival. A surreal, very special moment, I can say. The persons I so admire, that I only knew from TV, DVD, WWW, pictures... ALIVE... and in COLOUR right before my eyes.

And that again and again.
I can tell this whole trip was epicness.
Nothing less. :iconarthurbbclaplz: :iconarthurbbclaplz: :iconarthurbbclaplz:

We missed some Colin-scenes and Bradley giving autographs later on, what REALLY broke our hearts. But we had other special and wonderful moments with them like a Colin Morgan picking up a bunch of flowers once and once again. Not to forget the whole big filming-scene at the first day in the courtyard: So many knights and capes and horses! And a Guinevere running down the epic stairs of the guestwing, repeatedly shouting "Arthur!" - over and over again.
It was so awesome. :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg:

Being there for the first time while filming was made, it also seems it was our last time. I REALLY hope, that this wouldn't come true so fast. One other season would be great to give this the whole epic ending it deserves... (All the tragedy, I'm afraid they never get into the series, whether or not there will be a season 6... >.< But I still hope.) Yeah, let us hope. That we'll have the chance to return to France, to meet our new friends there and this epic, epic people of the "Merlin"-crew and cast again.
Let's all hope the best. :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Oh and I'll try and give you some photos here during the next days, if I could manage to edit them after work. :work:

Geeeeeeez, folks, THIS was a fairytale come true. :love: :love: :love: :love:
I'm so happy, that we have made this journey. And so thankful...
A special, very special thanks to my Rogi and that she made this marvellous trip with me... Ever and ever again: We will be. I know it. WE WILL TOTALLY BEAT THEM! :w00t: Cause I've got the magic phrase... ;)
And I'll forever miss every single, exciting moment of it.

I've seen him... Finally... :tears: :happybounce: Whatever...
:iconarthurbbclaplz: :faint:

Bye for once... :wave:


EDIT December 2012

The end...

of Merlin.

"Bradley James (King Arthur) said: "The Merlin years have provided me with fond memories, great experiences and beloved friends and all the while we were supported by a devoted fan base who made the show a unique, surreal and special experience. My words won't do justice to the honour of being King Arthur so I shall just say that it has been an exceptional one and that knowing the show has been a part of so many people's lives, has been humbling."

Colin Morgan (Merlin) commented: "From the beginning this was always going to be a five year journey that we embarked on and I think the show has run its natural course. The show has grown and grown each year and now we've arrived at its strongest point and we've achieved what we set out to do… I know this is the end, and I know this is goodbye, but thank you for being there on the journey with us because it has been a lot of fun!" —

'Merlin' cast react to show's end

:cries: :tears:

It will take some time, until I'll find comfort in the memory of it all. Don't cry, because it's over. Smile, because it happened, eh? Bullshit. Right now my heart is broken. Right now I'm gonna mourn the death of this heartwarming series. It hurts much more than I've expected. We all suspected it in a way after all these rumours, but it hurts nonetheless. The writers failed in many ways, I admit that. But there are so many things much more important than that - not at least this beautiful, amazing, funny and touching interpretation of these well known characters by the awesome cast we all learned to love. It was so unique...
The first year of my Merlin-love turned out to be the last. This pierces me. Oh I think I will remember and love it and be thankful for what I experienced. But not now. Not now...

The king is dead.
Long live the king.

:cries: :cries: :cries: :cries: :cries: :cries: :cries: :cries: :cries: :cries: :cries: :cries: :cries: :cries: :cries: :cries: :cries: :cries:

I will always love and follow my OTP. And my OT4. Colin, Angel, Katie... Bradley. THANK YOU SO MUCH. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: Thank you for beeing the perfect embodiment of the characters I love since childhood. I will remember. And I'll hope, that the movies will come up one day. :pray:
I will celebrate my fave series whenever I like.
I will cheer up, like "HI, ANGEL!" all the way, because I had the chance to be part of it. (In a time...)
And I will hold up the love - and spread it.

So... 4 more episodes to go.
The battle of Camlann at last.
I so will hate/love this.



EDIT May 2013:

Seen it. Again. For the 4th time. Seen the ever last eps last night AGAIN. What am I, mad or something?! :facepalm: I have no words anymore. It is one thing to KNOW how the legend ends. And a completely other to really watch him die. And this is exact the same feeling which I had at the first time I saw this. I think this will never get better. NEVER. Whenever I see that my heart will be ripped into tiny little pieces. I cried like hell and felt no relief.
But it's the only chance to have him near. The only way for someone like me. So I have to stay 'til the very end. And that's it.

My king...

Today… It feels like a hangover. Really. Harder than the last times after seeing this. I don't wanna let go. I don't want something so good, so unique and fantastic to end. I DON'T WANT! And I miss him like hell. Gosh, guys… The whole day, every hour, every minute. And he will never be Arthur again. I can't understand this. :no:


Would you at least be so kind and DO something, Bradley?! This will never give me my Arthur back, I know. But I hope that it'll comfort me a bit…

There is a hole inside my chest.
Hurts so much…
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Bellamy - Bobby

"Who we are, and who we need to be to survive are very different things."

It's not easy being in charge, is it?


There's hardly another series that captured me so utterly and completely as The 100 did. It's the same strong feeling (or should I say FLASH) as it was with BBC's Merlin for me. But where that interpretation of the Arthurian Legend ripped my heart into pieces for certain reasons (ruining my all time favourite fictional character in so many ways I can't even count... BOTH of my fave fictional characters tbh...) The 100 just makes so much FUN to watch! There are so many good feelings, so many beautiful things to discover, so many relationships to cherish, so many peeps with so many emotional layers to love! And most and for all... I fell in love with Bellamy, played by the outstandingly talented actor Bob Morley... (I've seen it in other shows, he's simply brilliant...)

Maybe it's just the part of myself, who desperately wanted to adore something/someone COMPLETELY different from that golden King Arthur, I'll always hold dear. And there he was, that tall, dark stranger, that tortured soul who permanently makes the wrong decisions, who regrets and fights for the ones he loves. That asshole, who robbed my heart in the first place, who then turns out to be a great leader - but simply human all in all. I love that. I love him! There was this moment, when the dropship arrived at earth and Octavia, his sister, took the first step out into the wild, screaming of joy. That little particular moment Bellamy looked at her and then SMILED OVER HIS DAMN WHOLE PRECIOUS FACE like an idiot. And that was it. From that moment on... I was lost. Completely. Utterly. Like I said...

And then I watched all these bts/convention-things out there about this lovely, ador(k)able cast, and fell in love even more. How can anyone NOT love this cast? Or Bobby, for that matter? I can't understand people who harass and offend him. He's talented, smart and charming to everyone. He's beautiful. And I admit it: I'm insanely in love with his freckles. ;) :wave: :blowkiss:

But that's not the point here. What made me draw him was that... that gratefulness that I'm feeling. Bc he SAVED me. He saved me in every way possible. I was in... kind of an hiatus with certain feelings which used to fill me. Again. I missed it. And I didn't even know. I didn't want to see it. And there he was... crushing down the walls I've built around my inner self. I never thought I could feel this way anymore. BBC's Merlin, which on one hand I'll always love, mostly bc of the once in a lifetime experiences in France and bc of all the beautiful things we're still enjoying of it (conventions), and mostly bc it brought me back to the Arthurian Legend itself, that lovely little series killed me in a way on the other hand. Because of that ending the writers gave us. Bc of what they did to Arthur (and Morgana). Simple as that. So... there will also always be these sad and angry feelings, I connect with it. I am truly sorry for this, but it's the plain truth. It was time for something new. Something else. I never lose what I love. And I'll never let go. But I am SO THANKFUL for the joy I'm feeling now! Thanks to The 100! Thanks to Bobby/Bell! I was SO READY for this! And I didn't even know! Haha... omg... :happybounce: :squee: :love: :dance:

So, a portrait of this beloved character was just a thing I HAD to do. It was the right time to make it. And here I go. I hope you like it. :blush: It's been a while, guys. But I'm kinda back, I think. ;) :blowkiss:

Happy birthday to me, btw. Yes I'm a little witch. ;)))


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